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Hydra is a one-of-a-kind destination, a place where tradition is respected and preserved. One of the Mediterranean’s most cosmopolitan islands, Hydra attracts  a large number of visitors from Greece every year, due to its proximity to Athens, as well as from abroad.

The island is embraced by high mountains, rocky outcrops and pine forests reflecting their colours into the crystal clear waters. Idyllic and breathtaking views of Hydra’s nature make your visit an out-of-time experience underlined by the absence of vehicles and its slow rhythm.

The island has been inhabited since the New Stone Age (3000-2600 B.C) and in more recent history during the 19th century Hydra played a crucial role in the Greek revolution providing the state with its numerous merchant naval forces. Hydra has been the home of many prominent and wealthy Greek families,  their history nowadays echoing  through the architecture which reveals a different way of living, elegant and rich yet simple. A walk through Hydra’s picturesque alleys is enough to convince one of its beauty and high level aesthetics. The city is amphitheatrically built offering mesmerizing views from each and every spot where you might find yourself.

Hydra was thrown into the international spotlight during the 1950’s when many films were made here and it has remained there ever since. It has been a shelter and a source of inspiration for many artists, poets and actors over the years. Today it is considered a must-see destination for contemporary art lovers.


A boat tour is an alternative and ideal way to explore and discover Hydra’s seascape and most secluded areas. Enjoy a private tour just  for you and your friends and family  on board the fishing boat “Ιωαννίκιος, a traditional 9,50 meter Greek wooden boat.

A relaxing day on board starts by leaving the harbor from our meeting point and sailing towards fun! A full day trip is recommended  starting at 11.00 and returning at 20.30 approximately, just in time to contemplate the sunset. However, you can always adapt your trip to your own personal preferences and available time.

We will sail along Hydra’s coastline and see its magical scenery. We will stop at beaches that are easily accessible and enjoy swimming and snorkelling in serene bays and turquoise crystal clear waters. You will be able to fish and enjoy a freshly cooked meal of your catch!

If you are mainly interested in fishing, then the captain will lead you to the best fishing destinations around Hydra island for a genuine fishing experience.

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Personalize your trip by combining  activities -fishing, swimming and snorkelling- or just one, and enjoy what you love most. Book the boat for a full day or a half day with your trip starting  either in the morning or in the afternoon.  You set the time limit.

The trip includes: water, beer, finger food, seasonal fruits, snorkelling and fishing equipment.

What to bring along: comfortable shoes and clothes, sun cream, beach towel, any extra food and drinks you prefer, your camera and book.

Cancellation is possible if the weather conditions are not favourable for a safe trip.

For further detailed information regarding routes, prices and availability, please contact us via email or phone:  & +30 698 70 30 113.

The activity is not accessible for wheel chairs.

Children must be under their parents or carers supervision at all times.

Bed, restroom, outdoors shower and first aid kit are available.

Animals are allowed on board.

The minimum of participants is 2 and maximum 8.


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  • We spent a delightful few hours exploring the coast of Hydra, with hydrabyboat in April. They made our group of 8 very comfortable on the boat and served us delicious sandwiches as well as fruit and pastries and drinks at various points during the cruise. The coast was lovely and we made stops at sea caves and beaches where we could get off and swim. Our captain was knowledgeable and so friendly and hospitable. Would highly recommend especially because their price was very reasonable and they were so pleasant to work with! M. Reynolds/USAJun 5, 14:09


Born and bred on Hydra island Giannis developed a true passion for the sea and everything related to it at a very young age. He decided to dedicate himself to what he loves the most and became a full time professional fisherman.

Giannis is authorized by the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine to operate his fishing boat and is moreover a licensed and fully qualified diver.

Giannis Tsanos

Giannis Tsanos


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